Instructions For Ordering

How far do you want the end of your BeeSting to extend beyond your muzzle?

  1. This may affect the cost of your BeeSting (see below)
  2. Lengths beyond 15" are available; call or email for pricing

What is your muzzle diameter?

  1. Measure your barrel diameter both at the muzzle and about 1 1/2 inches back with an accurate micrometer, in thousandths of an inch. If the two measurements are different, please provide both.
  2. The BeeSting requires a minimum of 1 1/2 inches of straight barrel at the muzzle for installation.

After checkout

  1. Use the form on our Contact Us page or send an email to to give us your desired tube length and barrel diameter measurements.

Because your BeeSting will be custom made to your specifications, it will not ship immediately after your order is submitted. If you'd like an estimate on the time it will take to get your BeeSting, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 775-223-5047 (USA) or
contact us by email.

BeeSting Instructional Booklet

(Included Free With BeeSting Order)

Only one left! Barrel Diameter must be 0.945" or larger to order!

International Orders: Please e-mail us first with your address so we may provide the correct shipping cost for you.

Internationale Bestellungen: Bevor zahlen Sie, bitte senden Sie uns eine E-Mail mit Ihren Adresse, da wir Ihr die richtige Verstandkosten erzählen können.

Pedidos Internacionales: Por favor, envíenos un mensaje por e-mail con su dirección antes de pagar, así que podemos ofrecerle los gastos de envío exactos.

BeeSting Over 12" Long to 15" Long

No Tuner

$210 + $12 Shipping

$15 + $3 Shipping

BeeSting Accessories

BeeSting Up To 12" Long

Tuner Weight

(2 ounces)

No Tuner

$200 + $12 Shipping

$20 + $3 Shipping

$10, Free Shipping

Bit Holder, 5/16" Hex Shank

Now you can use your Gehmann / Anschutz torque wrench (that accepts 5/16" hex bits) to torque your BeeSting bolts. Bit holder and 9/64" bit only - torque wrench not included.