Standard Model

$110 +$6 Shipping

  • For use with Anschutz 1800, 1900, and most 2000 actions (see below) having the 5018 two-stage trigger
  • Works with right and left-handed rifles
  • Mounts easily to the bottom of the action
  • Available in standard or precision models
  • Standard models use a thumb screw for adjustment
  • Precision models use a high-quality micrometer, which allows settings to be recorded for future reference, use with multiple rifles, or to monitor wear in the firing pin/trigger sear
  • Comes with instructional booklet (can also be ordered separately, see below)

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1. If you plan to use this tool on a 2000 series action, it must have a deep groove in the bottom to work correctly (see pictures below). The 4T can work on an action with a shallow groove but it must be modified first. Contact us before ordering to discuss some options.

International Orders: Please e-mail us first with your address so we may provide the correct shipping cost for you.

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an instructional booklet.

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                                             Trigger timing is the process of moving the trigger forward and backward                                                 until it is in the correct position. It is essential with Anschütz rifles because of the significant amount of play between the trigger and its mounting screws. The trigger must be timed whenever it has come loose, been loosened, or removed completely. The 4T can also fix some rifles that need excessive force or have a clunking, uneven feel when closing the bolt. Additionally, the 4T can help improve poor ignition, which increases accuracy. The 4T turns the sensitive and patience-testing job of trigger timing into a quick and easy one.

Precision Model

$165 + $6 Shipping

2. Choose either the precision or standard model

3. Choose initial configuration
The 4T works easily with both right and left-handed rifles; this option will determine which way it is assembled for its first use.
During checkout, "Specify Initial Configuration" will be displayed below your shipping address. Click on the "Add" link here and enter your choice ("right" or "left") in the box that appears. If nothing is entered here, the tool will be assembled for right-      handed use first.