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                                     Would you like to be more patient on the line but pain in the sling hand forces you to shoot                                           quickly?  Maybe you think your rifle can perform better and you want to shoot smaller groups? What if you simply want to give your rifle a sharp, space-age look? The BeeSting bloop tube tuner is just what you’re looking for! See the excellent features of the BeeSting below:

  • Custom made to your desired length and rifle's barrel diameter (requires 1.5" of straight barrel at the muzzle between 0.775" and 1.050" in diameter)
  • Lightweight carbon fiber tube construction enhances rifle balance and takes pressure off the sling hand in the prone and kneeling positions
  • Significantly enhanced vibration dampening with carbon fiber when compared to aluminum
  • Integrated tuner for a simpler, more effective and elegant tube/tuner solution
  • Indexing ring system allows tube to be accurately replaced with no modification to the barrel. The tube can also be inverted when shooting with a scope while maintaining the tuner setting
  • Micrometer-like marking system on the tuner for easy reading and noting of settings
  • Extra 2 ounce tuner weights available that won’t shoot loose
  • Anschutz-size sight rail
  • Included booklet contains setup and care instructions as well as tips for using a tuner
  • Available with or without tuner
  • All-anodized finish for greater durability
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

No Tuner

Available In Two Configurations

15" Tube Alone

15" Tube + Tuner

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